Tongue & Groove Lumber

Supplier of quality Native Eastern White Pine lumber since 1975

*Prices are currently being adjusted, check back soon or call for pricing*

There will be a $.10/Lf charge on all finished lumber special orders and special sorting

1" T&G
1x6 T&G E&CB Prem $1.00/ lf
6" Conversion: sq. ft. x 2.4 = lin. ft.
1x8 T&G E&CB Prem $1.35/lf
8" Conversion: sq. ft. x 1.75 = lin. ft.
1" Chanel Rustic/Shiplap
1x8 Prem Chanel Rustic


1x10 Ship lap $ 1.70/lf
10" Conversion: sq. ft x 1.33 = lin. ft.
1x12 Ship lap $ 2.00/lf
12" Conversion: sq. ft. x 1.08 = lin. ft.
2" T&G
2x6 T&G $2.00/ lf
2x8 T&G $2.70/ lf

All orders require 50% deposit. Balance is due upon order completion. 

Prices are subject to change without notice.